Accidental death cases require special handling

What does a life insurance policy cover? Does it cover accidental death or do I have to pay any extra premium for the coverage? Does it cover suicide? Questions like these do come up in the minds of people when they are approached by insurance agents to take out life insurance policies. An insurance policy can cover all risks to the life of the policy holder. By all risks it means to exclude self induced risks. A life insurance policy covers the death of the policy holder be it accidental or natural. Suicide cases are rejected outright. There are certain policies which entail a payment of an additional sum of money to cover death caused due to accidents. In such cases the sum insured also is higher in case of accidental death than in cases of natural death. In case of accidental death, one should know that usually there is a third party involved. For example let us consider a vehicular accident or a train or aeroplane accident. In these cases the death of the policy holder has occurred due to the action of a third person. These cases have to be handled in a different manner.


Rejections of claims in such cases are higher than in the natural death cases. The insurance companies exercise extra caution while dealing with such claims as a multitude of parties are involved. Such rejection cases require expert handling while disputing and thus the services of a specialist AD&D claim lawyer have to be hired. The role of the lawyer is to project the case of the claimant in such a way that maximum compensation is obtained from all the parties responsible for the death in the first place. There have been various instances where the claims have been disputed in court and more than adequate compensation has been doled out.