Diverse Comic Stripes

People in the West use the word manga, which is Japanese word for a cartoon or a comic stripe, for all comics that come from Japan. Many of those comics can be recognised by their typical writing style but they are very diverse in reallity. Many artists draw and write them and cover different topics such as cooking, history, technology, everyday struggles, love. Even death is not shunned.

Some of the most popular stories in this style are Naruto, Bleach, One Peace, Fairytale and Shingeki no Kyojin (Advancing Giants).


They are read by almost everyone in Japan and also a large number in other parts of the world. Although no edition is completely limited to a certain group, many are targeted more to one gender or age group. They carry special labels: shōnen for boys, seinen and seijin for young adult men, shōjo for girls and young women, josei for grown women, kodomo for children.

Hard work, which is an important value in Japan, is also present in comics. Not rarely do they feature people in offices or schools and effort is to be seen in everyday situations. Japan is a technologically very developed country and as a result, robots are more common and depicted as friendlier than in other parts of the world.

Comic stripes are published in magazines and books as well as online. This is a huge market.

Animes, the well-known television cartoons, are reproductions of best successful comic stripes.

This hobby is widely spread through Asia but is also known in other continents. Although some people do not like the style of drawing, contents are not always that scarry; with all the topics it covers, it can offer a relaxing and sometimes instructive reading for almost everybody.